Sensixx'x DA70 steam iron

Safety first!

With the Sensixx'x DA70 steam iron nothing is as it was before – ironing now means less work and more comfort. And all with maximum power and safety – you'll almost enjoy ironing.

To the Sensixx'x DA70 product overview

Simply no need for prior sorting.

From now on you can get through your pile of washing even faster. Because thanks to i-Temp you no longer need to sort your washing before ironing. You simply iron all textiles suitable for ironing with one basic setting. You can save a lot of time using i-Temp.

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Iron on the side of caution.

Thanks to the SensorSecure comfort function, you never again have to ask yourself whether you've actually turned the iron off. The Sensixx'x DA70 only heats up when you are holding it in your hand. As soon as you let go of the appliance it automatically turns off. As soon as you touch it again it heats up very quickly.

Experience SensorSecure on film

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum comfort: with i-Temp, the universal ironing temperature
  • Ultimate safety with SensorSecure: heats only upon hand contact
  • Sensational power: steam ironing with powerful 3000 watts output
  • Perfect smoothness: no ironing stains thanks to DripStop
  • Longer service life: simple descaling with 3AntiCalc


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