Handstaubsauger Readyy´y 2in1

Ready to hand
wherever needed.

The new cordless Readyy´y handstick vacuum cleaner 2in1: two vacuum cleaners rolled into one – a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner and a detachable handheld cleaner. Perfect for a quick clean thanks to maximum flexibility.

Readyy´y models
Spaß am Saugen garantiert: der Handstaubsauger Readyy’y

You're bound to enjoy vacuuming with the Readyy´y handstick vacuum cleaner.

Whether crumbs on the sofa or a little spill on the floor: Readyy’y is the perfect helper and immediately to hand. Readyy’y ensures a thorough clean, either as a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner or as a detachable handheld cleaner. See for yourself in our film.

Watch Readyy´y in action

Entirely new dimensions:
thanks to 2in1 for greater flexibility.

Always to hand right away, wherever needed: The integrated detachable handheld cleaner with a 300 ml volume capacity can be removed and put to use simply and easily. Perfect for a quick clean in between.


All benefits at a glance.

Maximum flexibility
The flexible nozzle joint makes manoeuvring the appliance child's play. It is now easy to give the floor a thorough clean, even under the sofa, table or dresser. And without the bother of a cord.

Free-standing - stands up on its own, perfectly stable
The Readyy’y impresses with its slimline design and can easily be tucked away anyplace without taking up a lot of room. During storage or flexible charging anywhere in the home it can be left standing up in the room.

All-round comfort
Thanks to its EasyClean System, the dust container can be removed in a jiffy at the touch of a button. It is so easy to clean as it doesn't have any corners to collect dirt. And something else that makes it convenient to use: the low weight of the Readyy´y 2in1 cordless handstick vacuum cleaner.


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