Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaners

ProAnimal vacuum cleaners

The Zoo'o ProAnimal vacuum cleaners from Bosch remove animal hairs up to 30% faster.*

A vacuum cleaner that has been specially designed to cater for the
   requirements of pet owners

Powerful and easy-to-clean ProAnimal nozzles.

Thorough cleaning performance on all types of floors – fast removal
   of animal hairs.

* Fibre pick-up on carpet according to IEC 60312-1 in comparison to a Bosch BGL32400 cylinder vacuum cleaner with turbo brush

Find out about the Zoo’o ProAnimal range.

Discover our powerful aids for pet owners.

Find out about the ProAnimal range.

Zoo’o ProAnimal cordless handheld
vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cordlessly more flexibly than ever before, without compromising on performance. Bosch lithium-ion batteries ensure especially long running times.

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Zoo’o ProAnimal
Perfect for allergy sufferers thanks to bionic anti-odour filter and hygienic PowerProtect dust bag.

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Zoo’o ProAnimal bagless vacuum cleaner
No bag, so no follow-up costs. Incredibly powerful and quiet with little maintenance required thanks to SensorBagless™ Technology.

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